2018 Race Course


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Homeaway, airBnB, and Hotels

deals from our local partners

There's no better way around the island than by motorbike. That's why we've teamed up with Elbow Beach Cycles to provide the best for our racers. After signing up, ask us how to get in on the group deal. Be safe and have fun!

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Looking to do Bermuda on the cheap? Unless you're sleeping on your Bermudian grammy's couch, there's no better deal than camping at our event site.


For less than one night in a standard hotel you can camp all weekend long. 

$100/per person(4th-8th)

$150/per person(1st-8th)


Want to upgrade? For $35/night, you get all the amenities of a hotel inside a fort! Hostel space is limited. 

Don't wait!


If camping or our hostel isn't your cup of tea, your best bet is through Homeaway, Airbnb, or BermudaRentals, but don't forget to look through the hotel options as well!